Width is measured across the chest below the sleeves from seam to seam. Height is measured from the bottom of the shirt to the highest point on the shoulder (where the seam meets the neck).

Please note that each product has its own specific sizing chart.
SizeWidth (inches)Height (inches)
Adult Small - Black17.527.5
Adult Medium - Black19.529
Adult Large - Black2129
Adult XL - Black23.529.5
Adult 2XL - Black2430.5
Adult 3XL - Black2732.5
Adult 4XL - Black31.535
Adult 5XL - Black3035
Adult 6XL - Black3336
Adult 7XL - Black3437
Adult 1XLT - Black2432
Adult 2XLT - Black2633
Adult 3XLT - Black27.534
Adult 4XLT - Black29.534.5
Adult 5XLT - Black3236
Adult 6XLT - Black3437
Adult 5XLT - Black